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Union Baptist Academy

Mission Statement,  Purpose,  Objectives,  General Entrance Guidelines,  Text Books,  Requirements for High School Graduation,  Before and After School Extension

  Mission Statement
Union Baptist Academy is an outreach ministry of Union Baptist Church and as such is dedicated to fulfilling it's part in the mission of the church; which is: 
"Reaching to the Lost, disciple the saved and growing together in the love of Christ."

Purpose Statement
Our purpose in providing Christian education:
*The formation of young people grounded in God's Word who are able to apply it to all life's circumstances;
*The formation of young people who understand their purpose in God's world and desire to fulfill it;
*The formation of young people who are in the process of discovering their God-given talents so that they may become responsible citizens.

*Provide a Christian environment which promotes academic excellence.
*Encourage personal worth based on biblical principles.
*Teach a biblical perspective on life which translates into practical application.
  *Present appropriate adult role models; teachers, church staff, parents and visiting speakers who exhibit genuine concern, guidance and direction.
*Promote activities and studies that provide patriotism, civic responsibility and respect for authority.

General Entrance Guidelines
Students seeking entrance to Union Baptist Academy must schedule an interview with the director and/or and appointed teacher. A standard entrance exam will be given to all students entering UBA for the first time. Applicants will be notified of the results of the exam within one week.
Students entering the first grade must be 6 years of age by September 1st. All students must present a copy of their birth certificate and a Mississippi State Department of Health Form 121 at the time of registration. Students transferring to UBA must include a copy of their last report card.
Anytime an address or telephone number changes (home or work), please notify the school office or the student's teacher.
Union Baptist School reserves the right to refuse entrance to anyone who has been suspended of expelled from another school, or anyone who has behavioral problems that need professional attention. Union Baptist School does not discriminate against students of any race, color, or national origin.

Text Books
UBA uses the
"A Beka Book" curriculum and textbooks which are written from a Christian perspective.

Requirements for High School Graduation
Union Baptist School will award students a diploma upon successful completion of the following requirements for graduation. Requirements are listed as academic credit units. One credit equals one year of successful study.
Required courses for graduation:
4 credits in Bible (includes 1/2 credit in Life Management)
4 credits in English
4 credits in Math
4 credits in Science
4 credits in History
1 credit in Spanish
1 credit in Keyboarding
1 credit in Physical Education
23 total credits are required for graduation.

Before and After School Extension
  Before and After School Extension is offered by UBA. This service must be paid by the week and is to be paid separately from other Academy fees. Before and After School Extension begins at 7:00 A.M. and ends at 5:00 P.M. See the director, Mrs. Christie, for prices and more information.

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